Heritage, elegance, comfort and hospitality


The Hotel Cayman is the drema of a couple of globtrotter geologists, Halina and Walter. After travelling the world and working over 30 years as geologists in Ecuador, they decided it was time to give back to the travel community and open a small hotel that could serve as an exploring base for other passionate travellers like themselves. The search for the perfect spot took several years and finally they found it in 1997: a house built in the early XX century, which is part of the Quito's World Heritage District. As a historical house, the house could not be distroyed, it needed to be rebuild almost from scratch. The Hotel Cayman, was inaugurated in 1998, following a one-year restoration, aimed at maintaining its historical heritage and adapt it to modern times. The restoration preserved the form of a grand, traditional home of the beginning of the XX century with its brick, wood and stone construction, a courtyard, antique tile roofs and a garden with a traditional grote in rememberance to virgin Mary.


Our Hotel has been designed to be an alternative to big chain hotels and make guests fell at home. The hotel has been restored 3 times since 1998 and it offers 11 traditional and elegant rooms. As part of the efford to make our hotel a place to rest after a day of travelling, our rooms don't have televisions or radios inside. Nevertheless, in the common areas, there is a common living room with cable tv, a computer for guests, all day complimentary hot beverages and a reception open 24/7. The hotel invites its guests to explore and relax, weather in the dining room, the patio, a terrace, the gardens abundant in native flowers or in the living room next to the chimeney. It is a showcase of eye-catching style modern design, history, fine furnishings and essential comforts.


The Hotel Cayman is the only hotel in the area that has decided to keep its original garden, as part of the services we offer to our guests. In our garden you can see local plants and flowers bloom, as well as you can see and try several local fruits as: figs, goose berries and tamarillo (locally called tomate de arbol). Common visitors in the garden are hummingbirds of different kinds, who come to this safeheaven in the middle of Quito. In the garden you will also be able to visit the Grote where Virgin Mary, the patron of Quito, takes care of every visitor of the house.


Beyond the doors of the Cayman Hotel, the world heritage wonders of colonial Quito, as well the vastly diverse worlds of Ecuador itself, await ot be discovered.


The Hotel Cayman is situated in the hearth of the city:

5  minutes walk from Plaza Foch

10 minutes walk to Quito's Handicraft market

15 mintes walk to the National gold and antrophology museum

30 minutes walk to the Colonial city