¿How do I get from the airport to Quito and to the Cayman Hotel?
Your options are: taxi, shuttle bus and taxi or reserving a private shuttle from the Hotel.

The Hotel Cayman private shuttle has the following cost and you can contact us for a reservation:

-For one or two passengers, from the airport to the hotel: 35 USD.
-For one or two passengers, from the hotel to the airport: 30 USD.
-For groups from 3 to 5, from the airport to the hotel: 45 USD.
-For groups from3 to 5, from the hotel to the airport: 40 USD.

Currently, a taxi fare from the airport to the city center is around $30-$35 US.

You can also take a bus from the airport to the Rio Coca bus station for $8, then a taxi or Ecovia bus to out Hotel (bus 25c or taxi $6). Go down in the stop “La Colon”. Another way to get to the city center is to  take a shuttle “Aeroservicio' to the old airport for $8.00 and then a taxi to the Hotel for about. $8.00. The time to get to and from the airport to the Hotel can take from 1 hour to 1.30 hours during the day and around 45 minutes at late night.

¿Where is the nearest Bank from the Hotel Cayman?
The nearest bank is “Banco de Guayaquil” and it is located two blocks away, in the corner of Colon Avenue and Reina Victoria. There are 24 hours ATMS available. To go there, go out of the hotel, turn right to Reina Victoria Street, in Reina Victoria turn right again and walk towards the big avenue (Colon Avenue), at the crossroads on the other side of the street in the corner is the Bank.
¿Where is the nearest Pharmacy from the Hotel Cayman?
The nearest pharmacy is “Fybeca” and it is located four blocks away from the Hotel, at the corner of Colon Avenue and 6 de Diciembre Avenue. To go there, leave the hotel and turn left, walk along Juan Rodriguez Street towards the big Avenue (6 de Diciembre Avenue), when you reach it, turn left, keep walking and at the second corner you will see Fybeca.
¿Where is the nearest Supermarket form the Hotel Cayman?
The nearest supermarket is “Supermaxi” and it is four blocks away at 12 de Octubre Avenue. To go there, leave the hotel, and turn left, walk along Juan Rodriguez Street towards the big Avenue (6 de Diciembre Avenue), when you reach there, cross the Avenue and keep walking two blocks up Lizardo Garcia Street and you will get to 12 de Octubre Avenue. Right there at the other side of the street is “Supermaxi”.

If you just want to buy some fruits and veggies, we recommend you to go to the “Ms. Maria’s shop”. We encourage our guests to buy from small local stores. Maria is an indigenous woman that has her store close by at Pinto Street, between Juan Leon Mera and Reina Victoria Street. To go there, leave the hotel, and turn right into Reina Victoria Street. Take the left at Reina Victoria, pass plaza Foch and turn right into Joaquin Pinto street, you will see her store right there.

¿Is Quito safe?
Quito is a safe city. Nevertheless, you should take the precautions tha you would take in any big city.
- Don’t walk alone late at night and choose to walk in illuminated streets and places with lots of people, rather than dark alleys.
- While visiting, put away your camera, smartphone, iPad and other valuables and don’t carry them around visibly.
- Leave your documents at the safety box in the hotel and keep just a copy of your passport with you.
- Ask the reception desk to call a yellow taxi for you, is safer than taking one on the street. If you take one on the street, make sure it has orange plates and that in the front window there is a sticker with an ID number. By law, until 21.00 taxi drivers should put the meter on, so always ask the taxi driver to turn it on. If they refuse, better take another taxi or negotiate a rate ahead. At night you have to pay an approx. 40-50% extra for taxi fares.
¿Where can I eat good traditional food?
For traditional food, we recommend you to try food in La Ronda Restaurant, Pobre Diablo Bar and Restaurant, Achiote or at La Ronda Street. If you are courageous and think your stomach will make it, you can try some pretty good street food at “La Vicentina” park, Antony Bourdain was there and he loved it.
¿What is the weather like in Ecuador?
Quito is about 9,200 feet (2,820 meters) above sea level. This high altitude results in colder weather (even on the equator) and more intense UV radiation. The average temperature year-round in Quito is about 64ºF (15ºC), with daily highs up to 78ºF (26ºC) and nightly lows reaching 55ºF (7ºC). There are two seasons, dry (considered summer) from June-September and wet (also called winter) from October-May. Solar radiation is more intense along the equator than in other latitudes, so wear sun block with a high SPF even on cloudy days.  Ecuador's weather is characterized by being very variable. It is often best to dress in layers, as you may experience strong changes in temperature. You have to adapt your clothes to your travel itinerary depending on the climate in the location(s) you will be visiting
¿What can I do in Quito during a weekend?

If you only have a weekend in Quito, in day one go to the Colonial center. There you should see the Basilica, the Independence Square with the Cathedral and Saint Francis church. Enter to La Compañía de Jesus Churhc and walk down La Ronda Street, while trying a warm canelazo (local drink). In the afternoon you can take a taxi to the Virgin Mary’s sculpture at the top of the Panecillo hill. Do not go walking there, it is dangerous. You can finish your day in one of the cafes/restaurants at the Ichimbia Street with breathtaking views of the colonial city.

The second day start early and go to the cable car “Teleferico” that will take you to an altitude of 4100 m.a.s.l. If you like trekking you can have a walk around the Pichincha volcano. Go down before noon and try to get for lunch to the Middle of the world or “Mitad del Mundo”. Over there, visit the ethnographical museum inside the monument and visit the incredible artwork of Quito in miniature. Right next to “Mitad del Mundo”, you can’t miss Museo Intiñan, a museum that is right on the Equator line (the French geodesical mission had their measures a little wrong). Over there you can see many interesting experiments that can only be done while in the Equator, i.e. seeing water running on opposite directions in different hemispheres or standing a raw egg on a nail.

¿What can I do when staying a week in Quito?
Keep the two first days that we recommended before and the 5 next days we recommend you the following day trips from Quito:

Tag 3.: The cloud forest of Mindo. It is 2 hours away from Quito and it is an ornithologist paradise, with over 550 different kinds of birds. You can also do Canopy, waterfall swimming and hiking. If you like butterflies, don’t miss the “Mariposario”.

Day 4: Otavalo, Cotacachi, San Antonio de Ibarra and Laguna Cuicocha. It is better if you go there on Saturday, because it is the day Otavalo has the biggest indigenous market in Latin-America. In Cotacachi you will find beautiful leather goods.

Day 5: Cotopaxi – This is the highest active volcano in the world. You can hire a drive up to the parking, which is located at 4500 m.a.s.l. and then walk 300 meters to the refugee. Afterwards you can go horseback riding at the surroundings of the volcano.

Day 6: Quilotoa Vulcano. This is a unique volcano with a large lagoon in its crater. To enter its crater you need to pass Zumbahua, an indigenous town where you will be delighted by the folklore and hospitality.

Day 7: Papallacta. These are hot springs in the middle of the Andes and this trip is the perfect end for a week of exploration. You can relax in the hot springs while enjoying the incredible scenery of the snow Andes mountains around it.  Have a trout while visiting Papallacta.

¿What can I do at night in Quito?
If you are interested in seeing more from Quito than an average tourist. Enjoy some local jazz or blues band playing at the Pobre Diablo bar while enjoying some pretty good Ecuadorian cuisine. If you want to go to a good movies, we recommend you to go to “Cine 8 y medio”, a small art cinema that always have a good selection of independent movies. For discover the local art scene we recommend you to go to the National Sucre Theater in the Colonial Center. The building itself is marvelous and it often presents operas, concerts, theater and other art presentations.  And if you just want to go for a drink while having a spectacular colonial view, go to Ichimbia to Café Mosaico or to Ananke in Guapulo.